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From your friends Todd, Andre & Jeet,

Dear YouTuber,

Are you excited about YouTube? You should be. It’s the world’s most popular video site, the 2nd most popular search engine, and th 3rd most popular site overall.

It’s generating billions in dollars in revenues every year and there are thousands of video marketers around the world who are taking home fat paychecks directly from YouTube, or by selling stuff through it.

How much business it can make?

Let's have a look!

Millionaire YouTuber - Pew Di Pie

Pew Di Pie is YouTube’s most popular star with millions of subscribers and a huge fan following around the world.

He does game reviews. I.e., he plays video games, captures them through a video capture software while doing a commentary on them.

He monetizes his channel primarily through ad revenues that YouTube shares with its content producers.

Although he hasn’t revealed his latest business. It was estimated that he made above $7 million in 2015!

On another note, YouTube has seen its top partners business grow by 50% year on year.

So how much business will Pew Di Pie make this year?

Let’s ask an even more important question.

How much business are you going to make from YouTube this year?

More than optimization, and even content, it's about Which niche you target.

Sadly, most people don’t put in the required research while selecting a niche. They go by gut-feeling, imitating what others have found success in, making random choices, listening to faulty advice.

In short doing everything that can go against them.

It’s no surprise that a majority of new YouTube channels never survive beyond the first year.

But Yours can be the one that THRIVES!


It's almost IMPOSSIBLE to find that gold nugget niche on a high competition site like youtube..


This is not the complete list. There are many more questions. But most people don't even know what questios to ask!

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