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Powerful YouTube Market Research Software Lays Bare All The Success Secrets Of Any YouTube Niche

Put in Any Niche & find Your exact success & earning Poential even Before You Make Your first vedio

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NicheXploits Is The Most Important Investment You Must Make Before You start Your YouTube Business

Find Out What's Actually Working In Your Market

  • Which channel is dominating your target niche?

  • What is the success potential of the niche?

  • Who are the top channels in your niche, how much traffic they are getting and How much business can it make?

  • How strong is the dominant channel's hold on the niche (Room for a new player?)

  • How many channels are actually making business from the niche?

  • How long does it take to marketing sales on an average in the niche?

  • How many channels have failed to make sales from the niche?

  • How many new channels targeting this niche are starting up?

  • How much business does one video do on an average?

  • How many videos does it take to achieve success?

  • What is the best gap between videos?

What Our Existing Users Think

Abhi Dwivedi
" knowing exactly what niche to target with youtube and being sure you can make a fortune foe a niche is almost impossible sure you can make a fortune for a niche is amlost impossible.But Niche Xploit gives you all the information and stats you need and even things you wouldn't think of.No way would be able to get all this insight trying to find out by yourself.Highly recommended! "
Neil Napier
"This is a totally new kind of software.I've used ranking tools in the past,but this goes beyond rankings by showing me how to find a powerful niche .In fact I was not just able to find a niche,but doing a quick review of the data gave me a fairly good roadmap of how i would plan my channel.This is a good tool for any YouTube marketer."
Luann Beckman
"I'm amazed at tha insightful information that NicheXploit provides.Fill in afew bits of your info and very quickly have what you need to make an educated decision about any niche.Not only do you get the positive numbers,but you get who failed as well which helps you understand what not to do if you decide to dive into that niche . well done guys!"

The Ultimate Pre-Investment YouTube Market Research Application

Are you excited about YouTube? You should be. It’s the world’s most popular video site, the 2nd most popular search engine, and the 3rd most popular site overall.

It’s generating billions in dollars in revenues every year and there are thousands of successful video marketers who have made YouTube their main business.

Sadly, most people don’t put in the required research while selecting a niche. They go by gut-feeling, imitating what others have found success in, making random choices, listening to faulty advice.

In short doing everything that can go against them.

It’s no surprise that a majority of new YouTube channels never survive beyond the first year.

But Yours can be the one that THRIVES!

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Design Your Way to Optimization, Relevant and Free Traffic

   Find HIGHLY lucrative Niches that ZOOM to fortunes faster than you can imagine

  See exactly what the popular channels are doing and avoid the unsuccessful fiascos.
   Get secret insights and ninja-backdoors to creating high-traffic channels!

   Legally steal the traffic-secrets of the market leader channels in just about ANY niche!

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